Photographer & Stylist: Romy Frydman
Hair & Make Up: Linda Jefferyes
Model: Erin Shea (IMG)

Leading MakeUp Artist & dear friend, Linda Jefferyes has launched her 1st ever beauty product, 33 luscious lip colours. This beauty expert can definitely provide you with the right shade of an extremely versatile lippy. One LIQLIPS can be applied with the perfect subtlety or full rich coverage, you choose?



Look 1: MAJE top & a selection of Zimmermann and Chanel earrings
Look 2: ERES slip from Sylvia RhodesChanel earrings
Look 3: Victoria Beckham dress from THE OUTNET

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A Summer of Love

It’s definitely a summer of love, these couples dressed in Australia’s finest resort collections & shaded by Carrera are steaming up Bondi. Not just models, these kids  are rocking the international catwalks and creating their own distinctive style in fashion & photography. They are your need to know crew, rockstars of the Sydney scene. They are your 70′s love children who always wear their sunglasses at night.


All Photos & Styling: Romy Frydman for
Hair & Make Up: Jaclyn Hnitko (TAG) Models: Roberta Pecoraro (Chic) & Jono Friend (Chic) Hannah McDougall (Chic) Jai Stevens (IMG) wear Carrera sunglasses throughout.

121017_Carrera_SMR_01_0257-white_R1 121017_Carrera_SMR_02_0613-white_R1 121017_Carrera_SMR_01_0280-white_R1 121017_Carrera_SMR_02_0865-white_R1 121017_Carrera_SMR_02_0318-white_R1 121017_Carrera_SMR_02_1122-white_R1 121017_Carrera_SMR_02_0539-white_R1 121017_Carrera_SMR_02_0436-white_R1 121017_Carrera_SMR_02_0920-white_R1

Shot 1: Roberta wears Ellery dress, Zimmermann swimsuit and Carrera sunglasses. Jono wears The Upside shorts and Carrera Sunglasses
Shot 2: Roberta wears Ellery Dress, Carrera sunglasses and her own jewellery
Shot 3:Roberta wears Zimmermann bikini and shell necklace, Carrera sunglasses. Jono wears Dear Friend & Co shirt and pants, Carrera sunglasses and own jewellery
Shot 4: Jono wears Carrera sunglasses
Shot 5: Roberta wears Zimmermann bikini, shell necklace and Carrera sunglasses
Shot 6: Roberta wears Zimmermann bikini and pants, Carrera sunglasses. Jono wears Dear Friend & Co shirt and pants, Carrera sunglasses. Jai wears Carerra sunglasses
Shot 7: Hannah wears Matteau bikini and Carrera sunglasses. Jai wears Calibre shirt and shorts, Justin Bobyn necklace and Carrera sunglasses
Shot 8: Jai wears Jac + Jack shirt and Carrera sunglasses
Shot 9: Jai wears Jac + Jack shirt and Carrera sunglasses
Shot 10: Hannah wears Zimmermann shirt and Carrera sunglasses



POSTED BY Romy Frydman

Peaches & Jeans

What to wear? I actually love these in between months where I can just throw on my denims, tees and a little touch of gold. Whether Summer has just ended for you or Spring has just begun these soft peachy and pale denim tones will complete your sun kissed look.


All Photos & Styling: Romy Frydman for
Hair & Make Up: Noni Smith (The Artist Group)
Model: Stephanie Joy Field (Chic) wears Lee Mathews dress and Petite Grand jewellery throughout




Zimmermann shirt Bassike shorts & Petite Grand jewellery


Ganni T-shirt from Mode Sportive and Petite Grand jewellery.


Lee Mathews dress and Petite Grand jewellery

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Summer Dreaming

If you are someone that chases the sun all year (like me) then these latest Duskii swimmers are the bomb. With a nod to an activewear inspiration, these little beauties will be your perfect cover up.

RNeoprene24302_white_R1.tif RDuskii24014_white

RDuskii23629_white-1 Neoprene24358_white RDuskii23498_white




All Photos & Styling: Romy Frydman for
Hair & Make Up: Pollyanna Clarkson
Model: Tilly (Chadwick) wears Duskii swimmer throughout
Location : Byron Beach Abodes

POSTED BY Romy Frydman
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