May 2018


I woke up one morning after a month of non stop travel, stressful work deadlines and let’s just say a typical teenager (my son) being relentlessly moody and suddenly the exhaustion got real! Let me just add though that I love my job. Most of the time it doesn’t even feel like work, and being a Stylist/Photographer and recently Directing films (my life long passion) I’m on this constant creative high. But I wasn’t well, I thought I was just in need of sleep but after weeks of what I thought was the flu, was actually an Autoimmune disease. I was fighting myself from the inside and getting sicker and sicker. Now this is where the story gets good… I went on a cleanse & pretty much cured myself in 4 weeks & now I want to give you an insight on all the amazing things I did.



Firstly, I started watching every single thing I put into my mouth. Now I’m convinced you can cure so many things just through your gut. Friends put me onto EAT FIT Food, which is like having a fairy godmother at your door every morning with amazing feasts that are all super nutritious and delicious. Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 4.05.38 PM copy

After my sugar cravings went on day 3, I was never hungry and enjoying this working mums dream of fully prepared healthy meals.


Next stop was To Wonderland where I was pampered with weekly colonics, these were confronting at 1st but the internal clear out was miraculously hydrating and uplifting.


Finally to lower my stress levels I did Yin Yoga & Infrared Saunas 2 times a week at Nimbus & Co. Yin is like my meditation and in such an intimate studio like The Loft, it was the perfect spiritual checkout.


This post is to say thank you to all the amazing people at EAT FIT Food, To Wonderland and Nimbus & Co. Ive never felt better!
Opening picture of me wearing P.E Nation dress, last image of me wearing Matteau swimsuit, The Upside shorts & Vale denim jacket.

POSTED BY Romy Frydman


Hands down, Aussies do it best when it comes to swimwear. The latest to take a dip into this space is PAM PAM swim. Sara Fuller, founder of the adorable store in Double Bay of the same name, has decided to dive right into creating her own swimwear brand. Here’s a sneak peak at their 1st ever collection which launched today at Mercedes Benz Australian Fashion Week. Congratulations!

R180424_PAMPAM SWIM_10_1674_white_preview R180424_PAMPAM SWIM_06_1331_white_preview-1

R180424_PAMPAM SWIM_04_1137_white_preview R180424_PAMPAM SWIM_03_0501_white_R1_preview

R180424_PAMPAM SWIM_01_0070_white_R1_preview

All Photos & Styling: Romy Frydman for
Hair & Make Up: Jaclyn Hnitko
Model: Rae Rodriguez (IMG) wearing PAM PAM and all accessories available at PAM PAM Swim store.

Shot on Location at Camp Cove Kiosk courtesy of Omer Farhy

POSTED BY Romy Frydman
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