April 2019

Double Trouble

Stylish sisters and actors, Anna & Elsa Cocquerel are not only beautiful, but focused on their up and coming careers & god damn witty. With a French father & Australian mother these two Sydneysider’s, I predict will be future super stars! Anna is currently concentrating on her final year of high school but will be returning next year to her role as Coco Astoni, on Home and Away. Elsa who studied fashion design at UTS & modelled in LA has since been based between both Sydney and LA, pursuing her acting career while completing a Bachelor of Business online. Her credits include starring alongside Nicholas Hoult and Laia Costa in Drake Doremus’ indie romance ‘Newness’, the mini series ‘Wolf Creek’ which earned her a Logie Nomination for Most Outstanding Supporting Actress. And wait there’s more (literally) siblings Emilie and Thomas Cocquerel are actors too. It’s definitely a dramatic crew and these sisters are so in tune with each other that we asked them separately questions about one another to see how well they actually know each other and they did exceptionally well….

Photography & Styling by Romy Frydman for StyleMeRomy.com
Hair & Make-up by Allison Boyle
Featuring actresses, Anna & Elsa Cockerel wearing Zimmermann & Jane Winchester jewellery

Anna: Monkey & Elsa’s is Lion, glamorous & fierce.
Elsa: Lion & Anna’s is a Monkey, cute cuddly and strong, who can stand on their own two feet.
SMR: well well cheeky monkey … these girls know each other’s true spirit!

Anna wears dress by Rag & Bone 


Anna: I would love to be in a period film and Elsa to play Grace Kelly in High Society.
Elsa: For me a powerful story line, I love a good drama. Anna would be in a goofy comedy or period piece.
SMR: Impressed again !

Elsa wears SIR The Label, Rag & Bone jeans, Tory Burch & Jane Winchester  necklaces & Karen Walker rings


Elsa: My quirk is that I’m always eating and my terrible singing voice, Anna’s is her laugh for sure.
Anna: Mine is making ‘hilarious ‘jokes that no one laughs at … sad but true! Elsa’s is that she is always eating chips, like ALWAYS.

Elsa wears SIR The Label dress,  Tory Burch necklaces & Karen Walker rings


Elsa: my crush is Rosie Huntington -Whitely Anna’s is Zendaya
Anna: Obsessed with Zendaya, Elsa’s is Rosie Huntington-Whitely
SMR:  You know they are true sisters here, knowing eachothers crush! parfait!

Elsa & Anna both wear Zimmermann 

Elsa wears Tory Burch dress & necklaces Anna wears Zimmermann dress

Favourite EMOJI

Elsa: Anna’s is always the ‘I don’t know girl’ and mines the two pink hearts or monkey covering eyes
Anna: mines the girl with her hand in the air … I don’t know girl? Elsa fav is the angry smoke nose EMOJI
SMR: these girls are the cutest !!

POSTED BY Romy Frydman
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