Martini’s in Bikinis

It’s the beginning of the silly season, the warm weather is here in Sydney and so is the latest Zimmermann┬áResort collection. When Zimmermann opened their 1st store in Saint-Tropez, boy did we party to celebrate! Seeings I’m going through a bit of a party vibe phase, I thought I’d share some cheeky snaps from a great day in Saint-Tropez !!

Romy Frydman, Nicky Zimmermann, Louisa Gent, Marie-Claude Mallat & the infamous Jodie Boland !!


Emma Roberts

Julia Van Os


Zippy & Terence Conners

Jessica Clements & Sanne Vloet

Georgia Fowler

Bambi & Christine Centenera

Julia Van Os

Nicky Zimmermann

POSTED BY Romy Frydman