April 2010

A stylist’s life…

It has been a typical crazy week and here’s a little taste of it- some behind the scenes footage from the Mezi jewellery catalogue shoot.

I have to say a big thank you to Lizzi at Pricillas models, who saved the day with our gorgeous model Bambi.


Ladies who Lunch

I was honoured to be amongst leading Australian woman in the arts at Cockatoo Island- a lunch put on by Bulgari, The Biennale and Harper’s Bazaar. I talked about the stress of preparing for a show RAFW with Bianca Spender and Anna Plunkett (Romance was Born). Michelle Jank made me laugh as always and if there was to be a life after Harper’s Bazaar for Editor Edwina McCann it would be filled with taps, recently renovating she’s found a huge gap in the market for ‘couture  hardware’ in homes.

All photo’s: Patrick Mcgreal

Designer/stylist Michelle Jank speaks to world-renowned Producer Margaret Fink, and Creative Consultant Claudia Navone in the background.

For full coverage, Bazaar Flash. Harper Bazaar’s August issue, out June 28.

Kym Elphinstone [art]iculate, PR manager suggested seeing the artist collective called AES+F out of the Biennale’s 167 odd. “They are a Russian collective, whose imagery really fits with a fashion audience.”


In my office with model Julia Nobis

Julia stopped by my office for a casting yesterday. She’s a magnificent looking girl, everything a model should be and she had me in stitches with her stories from around the world. She’s a globetrotter with a wicked sense of humour.

Some things you might not know about Model Julia Nobis, Pricillas.

17 year old Julia is about to move to New York

Even though she grew up on Bondi Beach, she’s terrified of the ocean

She has huge feet, size 42!

Her first season O.S she did an amazing 30-40 shows

She will keep you entertained for hours

Love Julia’s home made friendship rings she shares with Hannah Holman. They’re made of hair pins!


Casting call

It’s a new week and I’m busy with the lead up to Rosemount Australian Fashion Week. So you’ll be following me behind the scenes, a frantic week in the life of a stylist.

I’m consulting for Sabatini, here are some pictures I took at the casting of their show…

(click on the gallery to enlarge)

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