Ladies who Lunch

I was honoured to be amongst leading Australian woman in the arts at Cockatoo Island- a lunch put on by Bulgari, The Biennale and Harper’s Bazaar. I talked about the stress of preparing for a show RAFW with Bianca Spender and Anna Plunkett (Romance was Born). Michelle Jank made me laugh as always and if there was to be a life after Harper’s Bazaar for Editor Edwina McCann it would be filled with taps, recently renovating she’s found a huge gap in the market for ‘couture  hardware’ in homes.

All photo’s: Patrick Mcgreal

Designer/stylist Michelle Jank speaks to world-renowned Producer Margaret Fink, and Creative Consultant Claudia Navone in the background.

For full coverage, Bazaar Flash. Harper Bazaar’s August issue, out June 28.

Kym Elphinstone [art]iculate, PR manager suggested seeing the artist collective called AES+F out of the Biennale’s 167 odd. “They are a Russian collective, whose imagery really fits with a fashion audience.”