Bec Parson’s was so excited to get to the printers this morning to pick up her 3rd edition of LoveWant magazine. A creative collaboration of herself the photographer, art director Bartolomeo Celestino and stylist Imogene Barron.

Lara Bingle shot by LoveWant in LA
“It was just a personal story about her, no fashion – just LARA. Super Raw and cool” Bec Parsons

“After being told that the model we were suppose to shoot was stuck in a volcano (not literally) we were a little worried! Then we found Susan (Eldridge). She is crazy, what a shoot that was! The most interesting 48 hours of my life in car from LA to Vegas!!” Bec Parsons.
The beautiful, Susan Eldridge was photographer, Terry Richardson’s former girfriend, go figure.

“My favourite image in this issue is of Emma Balfour, I have loved Emma for years and always wanted to shoot her, we got to hang out, ride horses and take pictures, my idea of the perfect afternoon. ” Bec Parsons.

Photgrapher, Bec Parsons above

LoveWant stocked at Borders and selected bookstores Australia wide