Trip the Light Fantastic!

Trip the Light Fantastic was the NIDA gala theme this year and for all of you out there who have no idea what this means (myself included) I took the liberty of googling. It’s to dance lightly or to move in a pattern to music which I interpret as having a great party, which it was!!
Pics of all the superstars who attended.

All Photos: Marnie Haddad for
Actress: Elizabeth Debicki

NIDA performer

Actress: Sophie Lowe

Designer: Sarah-Jane Clarke and Vogue Editor: Edwina McCann

Actor: Benedict Samuel

Designer: Josh Goot and Fashion Editor, Vogue: Christine Centenera

Actress: Sarah Snook and Bulgari’s Trent Power

Christine Centenera & Elizabeth Debicki

Publicist: Jessica Carrera and Benedict Samuel

Myself and GQ Editor: Nick Smith