The Morning after with Alex Russell

You want to get into bed with this LA based, Australian actor Alex Russell! Starring in the newly released film Unbroken, he’s not only easy on the eye, he’s funny too! Read his Q&A we LOL !!

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All Photos & Styling: Romy Frydman for
Hair & Make-Up: Jaclyn Hnitko from The Artist Group
Alex Russell wears
Shot 1: Prada shirt on bed sheets from InBed throughout
Shot 2: Prada jumper
Shot 3: Jac+Jack shirt & shorts with TopMan jacket

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Favourite place in Australia: Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island, QLD 

Favorite Australian slang: Munted

Favourite place in LA: The Hollywood Reservoir

What’s next? Shooting an indy in LA called I HATE SILVERLAKE

What is the best compliment you’ve received? A guy tweeted a pic of me skateboarding and wrote, “check it out! Alex Russell shows off his average skateboarding abilities on set!” and I think he was genuinely trying to compliment me

What is your guilty pleasure? McDonald’s

Who is your favourite author? George Orwell

Biggest pet peeve? Cab drivers who won’t turn on the air conditioning

How big is your wardrobe? How big is yours SMR?!!

What gets you out of bed in the morning? The skinny flat white that calls to me from down the street. No. All three of ’em.

What do you collect? Good energy, happy memories, extraordinary people

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