The Blonde and the Beautiful

It’s a little like the film Virgin Suicides while photographing Lucy Hinckfuss, Arabella Ramsay and Lucy Folk in Melbourne last week. They are the 3 B’s; best friends, blonde and beautiful. All in fashion, these chicks own their own style and rub off a little on each other morphing into a sort of hippy-prairie innocence.

All Photos: Marnie Haddad for
From left: Lucy Hinkfuss, Lucy Folk and Arabella Ramsay and yes they all are as sweet as they look.

Arabella’s wardrobe, so refreshingly not all black!

The bunny at Arabella’s home, listening to us girls chattering away.

Arabella’s home

Arabella wears Arabella Ramsay jacket and shorts & vintage top from recent trip to Palm Springs.

A recent addition, Arabella’s gorgeous daughter Marlo, lets hope she’s blonde!

Arabella’s eclectic mix of shoes.

Fashion designer Lucy Hinckfuss.

Lucy Hinckfuss wears vintage T-shirt, Lee Jeans, Balenciaga coatdress.

Lucy Hinckfuss (standing) wears vintage tank and Lilith jumpsuit with Lucy Folk at her home wearing a vintage dress.

Lucy Folk jewellery designer wears Acne Tshirt and Isabel Marant skirt and all her own Lucy Folk jewellery.

Lucy recently opened her 1st store in Melbourne, congratulations honey!