Show Off

Stylists always have their thing. Something they draw on in almost every shoot, be it a signature piece that defines them. Mine is, and always has been, lingerie. Whenever I look back on my favourite shoots it’s always that spontaneous moment when a hint of bra reveals from an open shirt or high waisted knickers outline the contours of the body to give it that little something more. It’s that sense of allure, provocativeness and confidence that appeals.

Photography & Styling: Romy Frydman for
Make Up: Jasmin Lo Hair: Rae Boriboun 
Model: Zippy (IMG) wearing Simone Pérèle and Saint Laurent hat throughout
Floral headpiece: Christelle Scifo for Grandiflora 









God our model Zippora Seven makes me laugh! Whilst shooting, I apologised for all the workman around us on our location but said not to worry, as they didn’t seem to be paying any attention. She was horrified! Not that they were on set whilst she was in itsy bitsy pieces of underwear, instead she proclaimed “I’ll give them something to look at & take notice of” and boy did she! Smoking!

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POSTED BY Romy Frydman