Riggert Exhibits

Photo: Christopher Riggert from his exhibition “the Chemistry of Sympathy”

“This was shot on top of Primrose Hill in London. I used to walk past it everyday. The day I took this photograph it looked as if the tree had been caught half way through changing. Half undressed perhaps. Half way between living and dying. The yellow leaves reminded me of a firework in the sky & I found the conflict between nature overshadowing the council estate in the background interesting – like they were perhaps staring at each other” Christopher Riggert

Bonds advert with Sarah Murdoch, Directed by Christopher Riggert

I first met Christopher when he Directed Sarah Murdoch in a Bonds advert a couple of years ago. I loved styling this clip, Sarah had a hula hoop coach for 2 days prior to get all the movements perfect and she did it all in those super high heels. Now I get to see Christopher again next Thursday the 16th Dec at his exhibition of Photographic works “The Chemistry of Sympathy”, at Challis Studios.