Photo Diaries

StyleMeRomy photographer Zachary Handley, who recently shot Back in The Land of Aus. decided to share his surf trip through Europe with us. A true traditionalist,  he captured “on film”moments (no iphone or digi camera used) to make us #wishwewerethere!

All Photos: Zachary Handley for StyleMeRomy
We spent a week in CapBreton, just over the Spanish border near Biarritz. We
stayed in a beach house with my good friends.

Crowded beach in the European summer- San Sebastian.

San Sebastian’s mouth to the Bay of Biscay.

The town of Zarautz covered by sea spray.

Vineyards in the Basque country.

Camping at a surf break about 30 miles west of San Sebastian for a week. We
spent the two days surfing, eating and playing cards in the sun.

The view from our campsite down to the beach.

Feasting by the lake in the sun.

Oli (left) and myself in Prague.