Netflix & Chill ;)

Natasha Liu Bordizzo plays Snowvase in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny, which releases worldwide on Netflix today. This Aussie law student, basically turned up to her 1st audition ever (out of curiousity) and got the role! Within a week she was in New Zealand acting for the first time. We asked this gorgeous, sweet girl a few questions about her experience whilst she rolled around in bed in this seasons bold prints.

All Photos & Styling: Romy Frydman for
Hair: Nathen Di Natale for Valonz using Wella Professional & Cloud Nine
Make Up: Jaclyn Hnitko (The Artist Group)
Talent: Natasha Liu Bordizzo wears March 11 blouse & Alexander Wang skirt from Belinda and own bracelet

Jonathan Simkhai dress from Belinda with Stylists own belt

Karen Walker jumper & Bassike shorts

Gucci shirt & suit

Where were you born? Sydney, Australia

What’s your star sign? Virgo

What was you inspiration for the movie? How did you prepare for the role? Since my acting experience was limited (to none) – I relied a lot on empathy and realism. I played the character as real as I could, it was as simple as putting myself in her shoes and expressing the human emotions she felt in the situations she was in.

Whats your fav scene in the movie? Final battle

Who are your favourite designers? Right now – Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Alexander Wang,  Acne Studios & KITX !!

How would you describe your style? Tomboy, Funky, Cute, Preppy

Whats next? You tell me!

POSTED BY Romy Frydman