Even with the manic moments that come with styling a 200 look show for Myer spring/summer launch, we still decided to fill up any spare time with instagram pics. Yes we are addicted!

MJ (Viviens) looking simply stunning!

Our styling suite view, not bad!

Krystal (The Agency Models), blowing us away in Aurelio Costarella.

Can’t seem to keep from styling in a bit of tulle and floral!

Bay (Pricillas), bronzed and beautiful at our YSL makeup trial.

The Myer star Jen Hawkins.

Super charming Kris Smith looking dapper in Dom Bagnato

Making order out of the chaos

Our Myer heartthrobs, what else can we say?! Mmmm


Chilling in hairnets!

Glow in the dark Ellie with YSL Palette Couture!

Ruby Jean (Pricillas) “Colourbugged” courtesy of Kevin Murphy and his new range!

Backstage babes