You can almost be there… at the MANIAMANIA video look book launch for the ‘Real Life Awaits Us’ jewellery collection. If your not there, here’s the experience….
When and Where: 6pm, The Corner Shop, The Strand Arcade.
The Crowd: Sydney Fashionistas
Wine: Stoneleigh
Canapes: Ferrero Rocher chocolates and popcorn

MANIAMANIA is a jewellery collection designed by Tamila Purvis and Melanie Kamsler. Friends that worked together for years at Russh Magazine.

Romy: What inspired you to do a virtual lookbook?
MANIAMANIA: We love film, it’s our inspiration for so much of our work, so we were always going to have a film version of our look book.
R: What was your inspiration for the video look book?
MM: The films The Holy Mountain, Zabriskie Point, Buffalo 66, the experimental films of the 1960’s, the desert, mysticism and magic.