La Bella Rosa’s

Continuing my love for all things Italian this week, I visited the beautiful Rosa sisters of Sicilian heritage, Elana & Nadia. Both have crafted a unique niche in Perth’s fashion scene, Elana is the Buyer at Dilettante (the luxury fashion store) and Nadia’s about to launch a candle range. Here a first look at Elana’s incredibly tasteful home that she attributes to none other than her Nonna!


Cluster of candles, perfume, flowers, taxidermy, books & artworks. 


Elana Rosa, who has been surrounded and influenced by many talented friends and family including Heath Ledger (her stepbrother), artist Matt Doust & Tane Andrews as well as the designers Nikolina Ergic & Daniel Romanin from One Fell Swoop.


Bone bird, Art Noveau sconces & Mexican Madonna artworks.


My beautiful sister, Nadia Rosa…who is about to launch an incredible candle label, Maison Damore.


Floating face #1 by Matt Doust 2013, handcrafted bag from Laura B bought in Paris & antique glomesh purse which belonged to my Nonna.


The Heath Ledger Commemorative t-shirt is a project I worked on with photographer Ben Watts, to commemorate my brother Heath & contribute to the charities he was once involved with.


A drawing by Heath Ledger of an angel, Julia Deville jewellery & a photograph I took in New York in June this year of some graffiti saying ‘I miss you’ which is how I feel about that time.


My collection of handbags from Ann Demeulemeester, Peachoo+Krejberg & jewellery from  MA+ and if 6was9.


‘Caroline with white paint mask‘ 2013, a recent work gifted to me by Matt Doust, in June 2013 before his passing in August.


‘The movement’ by Matt Doust 2010sits above my bed.

POSTED BY Romy Frydman