Kiss & Tell

Four of Sydney’s sexiest men entered our StyleMeRomy kissing booth and revealed their Valentines day disasters and triumphs!


All Photos & Styling: Romy Frydman for
Hair & Make-Up: Jaclyn Hnitko
Models: Kathleen McGonigle (IMG) wears  Agent Provocateur bodysuit


Nicky Van She, Muscian/DJ wears Prada jacket & pants

What are you up to?
Flying out to the Dominican Republic to DJ at a festival, and then to America & Canada for a few shows and finally off to London to finish a record collaboration with Kaz James.

Worst Valentines Day?
When I was really young (and still a virgin) getting busted by my girlfriends Dad making my moves and her father happened to be the local Priest lecturing about sex before marriage!


Nathan Smith, Owner of Smith Organics

What are you up to?

Just opened Smith Organics, so I am living and breathing it at the moment which is fun, exciting and tiring!

Best or Worst Valentines Day?

I’ve never had a Valentines Day anything…never got the roses or the secrets Valentines card. But I am a pretty last minute type of guy so Valentines is like any another day.


Ben Hewlett, Property Developer wears Ralph Lauren shirt & Country Road jumper

What are you up to?
I am waiting to start my next project, just seeking council approval for a development application for 100 apartments in Sydney.

Best Valentines Day?
Smooching my girlfriend at the top of the Empire State Building.

Worst Valentines Day?

When I was 11, I decided Valentines Day was the day I would ask the prettiest girl in school to date me. My Mum let me choose the best 6 roses from her garden, and after giving them to her I was informed she had just said yes to date my then best friend. He and I never spoke again, and Mum was not happy about the roses.


Andrew Stanway, Hotelier wears ASOS shirt & own jeans

What are you up?
I’m going to Brisbane for 6 months to build a new bar and restaurant in the CBD – looking forward to the relocation.

Worst Valentines Day?
When a girl I was seeing got back together with her ex-boyfriend on Valentines Day.

Best Valentines Day?
When the same girl left her boyfriend and we got back together.


 Jade (IMG) wears Eres bra and briefs from Sylvia Rhodes

POSTED BY Romy Frydman