Going East courtesy of Prada

It was an Asian sensation and a whirlwind tour of Beijing last weekend which included a Prada show, follow up performance by The Pet Shop Boys, The Great Wall of China, Silk Markets and The Forbidden City all thanks to Prada.

My room at the Ritz-Carlton with a Prada gift on my arrival, I was feeling pretty special.

Prada’s Spring Summer 2011 show at The Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum in Beijing.

Model: Lindsey Wixson.

The Pet Shop Boys performance rocked.

More models from the Prada show.

Prada’s inspirations of the Jazz era, Josephine Baker and even Looney Tunes cartoons flashed up on this screen along with Models dancing in her latest collection.

Lindsey Wixson with her fellow male models.

Mrs. Prada herself enjoying the Pet Shop Boys.

Models: Ginta Lapina and Daiane Conterato

The Great Wall of China

Appropriately dressed, Shay Thomas the perfect host and PR & Advertising Manager for Prada Australia.

It was insanely cold -12 degrees.  Here’s proof, a frozen waterfall.

Wish magazine’s Editor, David Meagher on the way up to The Great Wall of China.

The Great Wall, the colours so beautiful in winter.

Oh their uniforms are so Chic.

The Forbidden City

A concubine’s room, its long history made me think of the thousands of love stories in this most ancient spot.

Nightlife was definitely colourful

The Ritz-Carlton lift to the Davidoff Lounge where Karaoke was on the agenda, sunglasses were in order to hide my shame of very bad singing.

Grand performances continued into the night by GQ Editor, Nick Smith accompanied by Shay on keyboard, he actually plays beautifully.