Bridget Fleming an Expat from Oz, now living in New York has the fab blog, downtownfrombehind. A photographic series capturing subjects riding their bike from behind on streets, avenues and lanes in downtown NYC.

“Twice yearly I join a manic thirty plus day schedule of photography and fashion in New York, London, Milan and Paris.  The first few days your body aches, the next week you find a groove and finally editing some 1600 images each evening just feels like any other day.  There are always shows you can depend upon to be an absolute highlight, shows or designers that are an unexpected surprise and at the very least, good coffee by the time you land in Milan.  My images pop up on the pages of the Marie Claire to Harpers Bazaar, Vogue to Telegraph amongst others.  Each client wants or will run something a little different.  Last season it was colour blocking, this season it was clashing patterns and dip dyed hair.  And in between shooting to brief, I always try to shoot something for me. The moments between moments that keep it interesting. My images are not on a blog, maybe they should be, maybe next year!” Bridget

Clashing patterns, prints, sparkles, sequins.  That is what Vogue will show you next month.


(One) of the best reasons to have your boyfriend join you in Paris… he’ll (happily?) line up for your ice-cream at the Tuileries while you shoot.  Best boyfriend ever!