Cabin Fever

It’s with designer, Claire Dickson-Smith that I share my love of books. Over the years we have introduced each other to great authors, swapping and sharing our favourites in our once monthly book club. Claire’s cabin, come studio evokes an ultimate escape, styled with treasures and trinkets from travels and time. Think creature comforts this long weekend…


All Photos : Romy Frydman for

“I love these grasses which look like wheat they add a real American prairie house quality to the room, I actually picked them from side of the road in Tamarama, the huge green bottle is from A Country Trader and I usually half fill it with sand and put candles in…the rug is from Koskela I love the colour combination it fits so perfectly into the design and colours of the cabin. Right now I’m reading Skagboys by Irvine Welsh & I Dreamed I was A Very Clean Tramp by Richard Hell usually have 2 or 3 on the go at one time!” CDS



“I bought these silver sequin Chloe shoes in Sydney for a wedding. I haven’t worn since although I LOVE them though they are over the top sparkly for me and my vintage rabbit fur is from Beam & Anchor in Portland ” CDS




“Pretty pieces from the line Thistlepearl, I design and produce with friend Julz Valiant for Urban Outfitters in the USA and the UK” CDS



“Teepee is from Lilly & Lolly my 4 year old has not played in it as much as George (my cat) though, the leather bag from Rose Bowl markets in Pasadena CA and tassels are Hermes, a lovely gift from the generous Romy!” CDS


“These lace-up boots are Joie, a great French brand I bought online 4 years ago and wear every second day in winter” CDS





“I got these Isabel Marant suede Jenny boots, Isabel Marant is definitely my favourite designer I like the way she walks to her own tune and the chair is designed by Charlie Hinckfuss from MCM House” CDS



“My personal style is pretty much what you see reflected in my home, I like things to be natural and a little imperfect, I love the idea of looking back for inspiration and good design and also the way things were crafted so beautifully in the past compared to the way things are banged out now”
“My cabin was inspired by Peter Pan’s Wendy house -( the little house he builds her to recuperate in after she is nearly killed by one of the lost boys) and also largely by a website called Cabin Porn it is a place to retreat and relax and being up high amongst the trees and the birds it makes you feel away from it all despite being only a few metres from our house” CDS

POSTED BY Romy Frydman