Breakfast dates

Always fun to catch up with Australian friends in NY…

She’s known as the lipstick queen, but Poppy King is so much more. Poppy’s world is unregimented, chaotic and full of great stories. She’s got lots coming up in the future, the initial she shared with me is her Jean Queen lipstick, the first lipstick creation you wear with anything denim. Being a die hard denim lover, I tried it and yes it goes with all. Out later this year at Kit Cosmetics, stay tuned for more Poppy news.

My favourite breakfast spot, Cafe Gitane, and they’ve opened a second in the Jane hotel.

Candice Lake is living in Paris but working in New York. This budding photographer is blogging soon for this coming Fashion Week.

Simone Zimmermann was in NYC checking up on their New York store at it’s very chic address, 112 Greene St Soho.

My 5 favourite breakfast places in New York are:

Café Gitane, Dim Sum A Go Go, Rubys Café, Bread, Café Mogador.