Benah Be Mine

I shot the home of Brenda (Benah) and Ben Briand (Director of the Sarah Snook ‘Dance‘ clip). Super talented Ben is working on a feature film and his amazing wife Brenda is getting ready for Benah Be Mine, bringing fine jewellery into her range of accessories, which launches in August.

Brenda (with  daughter Milla) wears Benah scarf that’s being re-released for Winter 2012 in different colours.

Brenda designs by reflecting where she is in her life and what’s going on.

Their biggest inspiration, daughter & babycakes lover, Milla who has her own instagram.

Alex iPad case from my SUNSHADOWS collection this SS12 and books that Ben bought me for my birthday. We display our most recent buys.” BB

“We got some records as a wedding present a few months ago, we thought we’d keep the collection going and get a record player eventually.” BB

“Romy & Milla think this painting looks like me.” BB

“We try to have fresh flowers all the time, the size and frequency depends on our budget!” BB

“One of Ben’s old posters from his collection.” BB

“The beginning of a memory wall we’re working on.” BB

“Milla is less about the cake, more about the sprinkles.” BB