Acting Up with Alex Russell

Watch out for Alex Russell! He literally flew in from LA to shoot SMR & then back on a plane to visit family in Rockhampton. We were charmed.

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All Photos & Styling: Romy Frydman for
Hair & Make-Up: Jaclyn Hnitko    Alex Russell wears Prada shirt, jacket & pants  

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In his bag: Zara jacket, MacBook Pro, Hugo Boss travel bag, Burberry watch, Tiffany & Co. ring, film script, Save the Cat book, The Acid House book & Persol sunglasses

What have you been working on? I just wrapped on a film in LA called Pacific Standard Time – the movie was shot in LA which is rare, so it was a novelty to sleep in my own bed while filming.

How did you begin acting? When was a kid I was a big attention seeker, and I was teased at school so one of my ways of coping was to make people laugh by acting like a ‘nut ball’, so I stated going to theatre & once I came into contact with that feeling I was addicted.

Did you study acting? I started in speech & drama, and then moved to musicals as a kid and then in my second year out of school I went to study at NIDA.

POSTED BY Romy Frydman