Itsy Bitsy Bikini’s

All Photos: Jane Mcleish-Kelsey for
Styling: Romy Frydman Hair & Make up: Jessica Mejia
Model: Katya Ko (IMG)
Location: Primrose Hill, London

It was funny shooting swimwear in London but I thought the contradiction quirky like the bikini’s, bear bottoms and pineapples all mixed in with solids. Oh and at least it didn’t rain that day and now I can tease all you Euro’s heading into winter whilst I’m favouring itsy bitsy bikini’s for my up and coming Australian summer! Come visit, all welcome!

shot 1: Anna & Boy bikini $225

shot 2: We Are Handsome bikini $150

shot 3: Manning Cartell swimsuit $249

shot 4: camilla and marc bikini $199

shot 5: Zimermann bikini $155

shot 6: Miskin Martinez bikini $190