StyleMeRomy.com takes you on a grand tour of five major cities through the lenses of  Zimmermann and Cutler & Gross new sunglass range.  The two iconic brands teamed up in collaboration to showcase a collection of 5 sunnies inspired by each city that is home to a Zimmermann flagship store.
SYDNEY, LOS ANGELES , MIAMI, LONDON & NEW YORK our Zimmermann friends are definitely rocking it internationally!
Enjoy the BTS images of my Directorial Debut !!

SYDNEY MASTER.00_00_40_03.Still012 SYDNEY MASTER.00_00_37_16.Still008.tif SYDNEY MASTER.00_00_39_19.Still010.tif SYDNEY MASTER.00_00_05_01.Still001.tif SYDNEY MASTER.00_00_35_24.Still007.tif SYDNEY MASTER.00_00_30_20.Still005.tif SYDNEY MASTER-1.00_00_31_22.Still006.tif

Actress, Hanna Mangan Lawrence, loves her native Sydney and also likes to flirt in Bondi, sunbake topless & dance into sunsets!!

ZIMMERMANN_LA.00_00_09_19.Still003 ZIMMERMANN_LA.00_00_02_21.Still001.tif ZIMMERMANN_LA-1.00_00_23_21.Still005.tif ZIMMERMANN_LA.00_00_20_19.Still004.tif ZIMMERMANN_LA.00_00_29_13.Still007.tif ZIMMERMANN_LA.00_00_37_05.Still009.tif

Musician, Chelsea Tyler, is one half of the electro-soul duo KANEHOLLER with her husband JON FOSTER. Being Steven Tyler daughter and Liv Tyler sister she’s all the right mix of cool, living in Venice (of course)! It’s also their track that plays in her Zimmermann film.

MASTER MIAMI.00_00_25_21.Still009.tif MASTER MIAMI.00_00_03_22.Still001.tif MASTER MIAMI.00_00_29_10.Still012.tif MASTER MIAMI.00_00_31_05.Still013.tif MASTER MIAMI.00_00_31_03.Still018.tif
Model, Melody de la Fe, from Miami loves to jog in lace, to Cha Cha on the streets of Miami and live a healthy lifestyle of vitamin sand & C !

ZIMMERMANN_LONDON.00_00_33_20.Still010 ZIMMERMANN_LONDON.00_00_41_04.Still014 SMRZIMMERMANN_LONDON.00_00_03_07.Still002 ZIMMERMANN_LONDON.00_00_04_24.Still018 ZIMMERMANN_LONDON.00_00_25_20.Still008 ZIMMERMANN_LONDON.00_00_27_15.Still009

Ballerina, Sophie Apollonia, dances to her own beat. Boy can this girl pirouette in the park, leap over Buckingham Palace like a true princess & rock out in hotel ballrooms!

ZIMMERMANN_NYC.00_00_13_13.Still003.tif ZIMMERMANN_NYC.00_00_36_05.Still015.tif ZIMMERMANN_NYC.00_00_13_13.Still003.tif ZIMMERMANN_NYC.00_00_24_20.Still010.tif ZIMMERMANN_NYC.00_00_29_13.Still011.tif ZIMMERMANN_NYC.00_00_09_15.Still002.tif ZIMMERMANN_NYC.00_00_43_08.Still017.tif

DJ, Alexandra Richards lives in NYC & wears her bikini wherever she wants – because she can – and loves to dance to keep her spirit free. She’s an ocean lover and is doing her best to conserve our precious oceans by speaking at the United Nations on behalf of Project 0.

All films Created, Directed & Edited by Romy Frydman (StyleMeRomy.com) and my wonderful team.

DPs Mikey Pozarik, Greg Taylor & Simon Davidson
H&M: April Greaves, Elsa Canedo, Shay Nalou, Noni Smith & Nicholas Morley
Production Cat Rose

Special thanks to genius Motion Graphics by Beau Puspurs at capturelab

POSTED BY Romy Frydman