June 2012

We’ll Show the Queen how to throw a Good Party

This Queen’s birthday weekend the StyleMeRomy team where such social bunnies!! Happy Birthday to Anna (my gorgeous assistant) Camilla and Marc.

Moi in Martin Grant dress at SMR Party at Pelicano.

It was all legs at the SMR party

C&M party: Camilla Freeman-Topper at Icebergs

C&M party: Christine Centenera and Emma Van Haandle

SMR party: Birthday girl Anna Brownjohn

SMR party: Happy Birthday for tomorrow Nadene Duncan

SMR party: Kirsten Bookallil and Nik Howe

SMR party: Soraya Zaman

C&M party: Dave Topper …finally got you on the blog!

SMR party: Lucy Kemp and Nikki Valmorbida

SMR Party: Rachel Papandrea

SMR Party: Victoria Baron

C&M party: Ingrid Lovett

C&M party: Huw Bennett and Holly Garber

C&M party: Marc Freeman and Camilla Freeman-Topper

SMR party: Maree Andrews.. looking hot just days after having a baby!

C&M party: Miranda Darling, Dan Rosen and Kirrily Johnston

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Camilla Freeman-Topper and Marc Freeman
FYI they are not twins, 2 years & 1 week apart!



You may want to laugh (as many did on our shoot last week) when Miranda Kerr called out that we were separated at birth! Maybe not in the looks department but she did make this outlandish statement in relation to our similar aesthetic with just about matching everything.

Photo: Chris Colls for StyleMeRomy.com
Styling: Romy Frydman. Hair & Make-up: Noni Smith
Miranda Kerr wearing vintage dress from The Vintage Clothing Store

These are the things that we both have:

Shazam! Wonder twin powers activate!
Acne jeans, Louis Vuitton diary, Eat Fit Food cleanse juice, Diptyque candle, Gucci USB keyring, Tom Ford ‘Santal Blush’ perfume, Tiffany & Co. heart necklace, Petite Grand bracelets, Bulgari B.zero1 ring, Longines watch , KORA recovery eye gel. Oh and Miranda’s sons name is Flynn and mine’s Finn!

Stay tuned for our big shoot with her when she’s back in Sydney in August!


The Great Debicki

StyleMeRomy loves Elizabeth Debicki. She is only 21 and the hottest young thing to come out of drama school. Here’s a preview of Elizabeth in Australian SS12 collections. Can’t wait to see her in The Great Gatsby!

All photos: Todd Barry for StyleMeRomy.com
Styling: Romy Frydman Make Up: Noni Smith & Victoria Anderson. Hair: Diane Gorgievski
Actress Elizabeth Debicki wearing Josh Goot dress and Prada necklace.

Josh Goot dress.

ELLERY dress, jewellery from left: Jan Logan rings, YSL cuff from Cosmopolitan Shoes, Prada bracelet and Hermes bangles

ELLERY jacket, Eres bra from Sylvia Rhodes, Hermes bangles and Jan Logan necklace.

Josh Goot dress.

Josh Goot dress Prada bracelet and Hermes bangles

Have you settled into your stardom or is it still surreal? I am slowly settling only now that shooting is finished. To be honest the time between my first screen test and the end of filming went by so quickly, I’m now just starting to process and reflect on it all.

Can you describe your favourite Great Gatsby outfit: I love the 1920s shape, it’s very freeing to wear. I loved Jordan’s day clothes, they felt sleek and fresh. Perfect for a modern woman.

What did you feel like you had in common with your character, Jordan Baker? Jordan is a multi faceted woman thanks to author Fitzgerald. Perhaps one thing we have in common is impatience and a desire to keep things continually moving forward, getting bored being in the same place for too long. Jordan is a nomad and so am I at the moment.

Leo’s swoon factor: Haha – very funny. He is certainly very charming, I must admit.

What was it like working with Baz Luhrmann? Working was Baz was a joy. He is a true artist, a true collaborator. He has a gift for making actors feel at ease and empowered by the story they are telling.

Favourite line in the movie: Such a difficult question! I’d say: “tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms further and one fine morning, so we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

What’s next? I’m back in LA in a few days, apart from that I’m happy to see what the future brings.


Take 6: Emily Barclay

Photo: Patrick McGreal for StyleMeRomy.com
Styling: Romy Frydman Hair: Sophie Roberts Make Up: Claire Thomson
Actress Emily Barclay wearing Dion Lee SS12/13

What has been the most rewarding acting job you’ve had to date? At the moment I’m doing strange interlude at Belvoir Theatre. Theatre gives you the opportunity to develop and explore your character over an extended period of time which often isn’t the case in film.

Favourite Australian fashion label: Julia de Ville.  She makes incredibly beautiful jewellery.

What are you wearing right now? Jeans, a Kate Sylvester paisley shirt and a massive Wool and the Gang scarf from The Standard Store on Crown Street.

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