September 2011

Abbey Lee the Rocking Gem

Here’s a first look of Abbey Lee in the new jewellery collection for Maniamania

I spoke to Tamila and Mel the creators behind Maniamania and asked them about NYC and their collaboration with Abbey Lee..

Hi girls you’re in NYC right now, right?
Yes, we’re here showing the new collection during NYC Fashion Week. We’ve been out and about in appointments and meeting some interesting people, also seen some great art shows, we saw Nick Cave’s new show in Chelsea the other day which stood out the most.
This is the 3rd time you’ve used Abbey Lee in you campaign how did that come about?
We met Abbey early last year and there was an immediate connection over jewellery. We kept in touch and it was a natural collaboration to work together on the campaign as Abbey loved the range and is the perfect fit for our brand.
Have you seen her band play? I heard she’s amazing and the band’s great.
Yes it’s great. Abbey plays keys, sings and really smashes that tambourine. They’ve played a couple times in the past few weeks, once at Milk studios, and again next week at a bar in lower east side. They’ve had lots of press too, so they’re doing well. She is usually totally decked out in Maniamania jewellery on stage!
What can we expect from the new collection? your fav pieces?
New collection evolves the immortals story again in new stones pyrite and tourmalinated quartz. Also our collaboration with Abbey – the Abbey Lee ring which is a silver immortals featuring an amethyst stone. The whole range began when we were really inspired by the surrealist notion of the Exquisite Corpse and went from there! Our favourite pieces are the Delta neck pieces, Third Mind rings and the Immortals story continues to be a strong one! Abbey’s collaboration has been really popular.

Maniamania main stockists are Zimmermann, Incu, Green with Envy and Pretty Dog.


Très Chic

Alexis Elliot, Head Model Booker at Chic models, shares with us a visual feast of her recent trip to Paris…

“My alarm clock – early morning cathedral chimes in the 1st !” Alexis

Staying at La belle Juliette hotel “always travelling light …” Alexis

“Brasserie Lipp – iconic, love the flirty, charming silver haired garcons!”

Always mixing work and pleasure with model & friend  “Camille Piazza at Le Maurice, with her 1st ever Martini, the only way to refuel post shopping” Alexis

“Petanque at Pont Neuf – perfect vista for a lazy lunch” Alexis


What a Blast!

There was a lot of horsing around at the Hermès store last night in Sydney for Vogue Fashion’s Night Out event…

Actress, Emma Lung and friend Dominic Locher

Managing Director, Hermès Australia, Karin Upton Baker and her Executive Assistant
Fiona Sauer

Models, Louise Van De Vorst and Ollie (Chic)

Vogue Fashion’s Night Out ambassador & model Jessica Gomes.

Publicist, Jessica Carerra and Actress, Krew Boylan.

Stylists, Anna Hewitt & I were tying up a storm backstage (with Peter Simon Phillips) but did manage a second to jump in for our own quick pic!

Karin, thank you, always a great party! The queue all the way around the block was testament of where one needed to be last night!


How Rude!

It’s true what they say about the French! All I want to do this weekend is READ my pre-ordered Carine Roitfeld book Irreverent, but that’s not arriving till Oct!! EAT salted caramel macaroons in Paris’s Ladurée, rumour has it it’s opening in Sydney’s CBD but not till the end of the year, starving! WATCH We’ll Take Manhattan but that has actually nothing to do with the French but dying to see and it’s not released till later this year maybe next!

Irreverent by Carine Roitfeld. An unrestrained, candid exploration of her life and her work at Vogue.

BBC Four’s, We’ll Take Manhattan is the story of the explosive love affair between photographer, David Bailey and sixties supermodel Jean Shrimpton.

Ladurée the famous french tea house in the centre of Paris 16 rue Royale. Rumoured to be opening in Sydney before the year ends!

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