October 2017

A Summer of Love

It’s definitely a summer of love, these couples dressed in Australia’s finest resort collections & shaded by Carrera are steaming up Bondi. Not just models, these kids  are rocking the international catwalks and creating their own distinctive style in fashion & photography. They are your need to know crew, rockstars of the Sydney scene. They are your 70’s love children who always wear their sunglasses at night.


All Photos & Styling: Romy Frydman for StyleMeRomy.com
Hair & Make Up: Jaclyn Hnitko (TAG) Models: Roberta Pecoraro (Chic) & Jono Friend (Chic) Hannah McDougall (Chic) Jai Stevens (IMG) wear Carrera sunglasses throughout.

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Shot 1: Roberta wears Ellery dress, Zimmermann swimsuit and Carrera sunglasses. Jono wears The Upside shorts and Carrera Sunglasses
Shot 2: Roberta wears Ellery Dress, Carrera sunglasses and her own jewellery
Shot 3:Roberta wears Zimmermann bikini and shell necklace, Carrera sunglasses. Jono wears Dear Friend & Co shirt and pants, Carrera sunglasses and own jewellery
Shot 4: Jono wears Carrera sunglasses
Shot 5: Roberta wears Zimmermann bikini, shell necklace and Carrera sunglasses
Shot 6: Roberta wears Zimmermann bikini and pants, Carrera sunglasses. Jono wears Dear Friend & Co shirt and pants, Carrera sunglasses. Jai wears Carerra sunglasses
Shot 7: Hannah wears Matteau bikini and Carrera sunglasses. Jai wears Calibre shirt and shorts, Justin Bobyn necklace and Carrera sunglasses
Shot 8: Jai wears Jac + Jack shirt and Carrera sunglasses
Shot 9: Jai wears Jac + Jack shirt and Carrera sunglasses
Shot 10: Hannah wears Zimmermann shirt and Carrera sunglasses



POSTED BY Romy Frydman
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